Conductive Education


What CE programmes are available in WA?

A variety of CE services have been supported to grow and develop in WA by the efforts of CECWA. Programs have included:

  • CE Parent and Child groups - earliest intervention for very young children with motor disorders (0-4 years) who attend with and learn alongside their parents. Groups (known as 'Parent-and-Child' groups) are usually 2-3 hours long, twice weekly.
  • CE Kindy / CE Pre-Primary Classes - K /PP students with motor disabilities can attend the specialist full time CE classes run by the teacher-conductors at Carson Street School when staffing permits.
  • Holiday Programs - All the above groups have run as intensive holiday programs held daily over 1 or 2 weeks. These groups have tried to cater particularly for children unable to access CE during term time.

For further information on the CE Programs and Services currently available, please contact the Carson Street Independant School (See our links page for details).